HSE COR Services Inc. is an industry leading health and safety consulting company. Our goal is to assist forward-thinking companies in developing and maintaining successful health and safety programs. Our risk management approach emphasizes a synergy between regulatory compliance and successful implementation. We are an organization formed by a team of health and safety professionals offering a wide range of senior level experience. Our services are provided to various industries throughout North America and our goal is to help our clients manage their business operations in a risk conscious, cost effective and responsible manner.

Proven We draw on the experience and knowledge of industry-leading professionals with proven track records of success in today’s challenging marketplace.
Flexible Our COR Program has been created to support clients who may require the services of one of our representatives or a team of professionals. Our team provides full time, part time and/or on-site services to ensure you successfully meet regulatory compliance. No matter the need, we have created our COR Program to be flexible enough to meet your health and safety requirements.
Supportive If your company currently has an internal health and safety representative we can help by removing the administrative burden of the Certificate of Recognition maintenance process, thereby allowing your internal representative more time to address other health and safety related issues.
Responsive Our COR maintenance service works to become an integrated part of your business operations by being an accessible, timely and active part of the ongoing support and maintenance of your health and safety program.